Yoga and the colour of light

Author: Emily Taylor
Date: 01/02/2018
Category: Flow Grow

If you’ve been to a class at Grow, you might have noticed that the lights in our studio change colour. This isn’t just to make our Instagram posts look cool – honest! They actually have a far more important purpose.


You may not realise it, but colours have a profound impact on our mood and psychology. This is reflected in yoga practice, which often refers to the seven chakras and the colours that symbolise each one. Chakras are centres of spiritual energy in the human body. Each one represents something different and helps to keep the body in balance, not only spiritually, but also emotionally and physically.


There are many different versions of this chakra system, but in each one, every chakra has a colour:

  • The first chakra, the muladhara or root chakra, is RED. It symbolises earth, stability and safety, to represent a feeling of being grounded. Physically, it is found at the base of your spine
  • The second chakra is the ORANGE swadhistana chakra. As the emotional and creative centre, it has the quality of flowing water, and is linked to your hips and groin at a point just below the belly button
  • The YELLOW manipura chakra comes next. This is what gives yogis the fire to fuel their practice. It is internal drive, confidence and sense of yourself as an individual. It is linked to your solar plexus, your core; the space just above the belly button
  • Fourth, we have the GREEN anahata chakra, your heart centre. It symbolises openness, vulnerability, compassion for yourself and others and forgiveness. It is associated with the air element
  • The fifth chakra, the visshudhi chakra, is BLUE and is also associated with air. It the space around your throat, and neck, including your voice. This chakra symbolises self-expression, ability to communicate and truth. When it is out of balance, it can also lead to poor communication or ‘a lump in the throat’
  • Next, the ajna chakra, represented by PURPLE on the colour spectrum. It is your third eye, representing your intuition, wisdom and ability to observe yourself and listen to your inner narrative. It helps you to learn about your own habits and address change if needed. Physically, it is found between your eyebrows
  • Finally, we have the WHITE sahasraha chakra, found at the crown of your head. This evokes a connection with spirituality and consciousness – it is our link between the earth and the sky


So, next time you’re in a yoga session at Grow, we encourage you to take a moment to notice the lighting and the impact it has on your practice. And if you want to find out more about the different chakras, just ask one of our yogis. Look forward to seeing you in the studio soon (book here)!



Our very own Hannah, Head of Yoga

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