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Personal Training at Grow

As a team, the Grow trainers combined have over 25 years of experience in Personal Training and are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to help you achieve all of your health and fitness goals. Training at Grow is personal, effective and results-based. With every session, your trainer will learn more about you, your body and how best to help you reach your goals . Your bespoke training program will be tailored entirely to you, with your objectives right at the heart of every session. Nutritional and lifestyle advice is also included, to make sure that you are maximising the time spent with us in the gym. No one will give you a more personal and tailored training experience.

  • Improve your body compositionImprove your body composition
  • Constant support throughout your fitness journeyConstant support throughout your fitness journey
  • Nutritional support and guidance includedNutritional support and guidance included
  • Improve your posture, energy, self-confidenceImprove your posture, energy, self-confidence
  • Simple pricing model with no membership feeSimple pricing model with no membership fee
  • Accurate tracking of your progress using MyZoneAccurate tracking of your progress using MyZone
  • Private use of our studio means never waiting for equipmentPrivate use of our studio means never waiting for equipment
  • Passionate trainers that truly carePassionate trainers that truly care

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Getting started is easy

Getting started is super easy. Simply fill out the form above or get in touch with one of the team and we will get you booked for your free consultation. Here's a quick overview of what to expect. Your consultation with a Grow trainer will last 60 minutes and will allow us to learn everything required to build the perfect programme for you, completely tailored to your specific goals and needs.

Step 1. Book your free consultation and meet your coach

Spend an hour with a Grow trainer and discuss all your health and fitness goals in detail. We'll delve into everything from nutrition, lifestyle, previous injuries and your long term objectives. As part of the consultation, you'll complete a taster session to allow us to analyse your movement patterns and flexibility. We will also set you up with Myzone technology that allows us to track your weight, body composition and effort exerted in workouts.

Step 2. Program design

Based on all of the information obtained in your initial consultation, your trainer will put together a training program designed to help you achieve all of your health & fitness goals. This will be 100% tailored to you and will include nutritional and lifestyle guidance to ensure that you're doing everything you can outside of the gym to maximise the time you spent in the gym. We will also put together a weekly training schedule that works for you, locking in a regular slot to ensure maximum commitment.

Step 3. Start training

Start your weekly training in our private training studio equipped with the very best equipment and the best coaches.

What our customers say

"PT at Grow is my perfect workout. The sessions are fully focused on my fitness goals and have varied and challenging exercises to keep it engaging. The trainers are awesome too. I would recommend these sessions to anybody looking to get fit or fitter"

-Grow Customer

“I began training with Emily last October and I could not recommend PT sessions with her highly enough."

-Grow Customer

"Since beginning the PT sessions I’ve noticed massive improvements in my fitness levels, overall health and even in my flexibility!"

-Grow Customer

"Not only are these sessions effective, they’re actually enjoyable and the gym has a lovely friendly atmosphere. For the first time ever I don’t dread the gym! Would very much recommend”

-Grow Customer

Why choose Grow?

Because nowhere else will give you a more personal, tailored training experience

A highly qualified team with a highly focused approach

Grow trainers have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be. We're committed to always delivering the best training experience, which is why as well as dedicating the time to learning about your body to tailor your session in the most effective way, we also commit to constantly developing our skills and enhancing our qualifications through further education courses and regular team training

Constant support

Our highly personal coaching techniques go way beyond 60 minutes in the studio. We include nutritional and lifestyle advice as well as exercise programming as a part of all of our personal training packages. We pride ourselves on the authentic relationships that we build with our clients, creating a friendly, supportive environment where collaboration yields the best results. Grow is where progress is made.

Small & focused

We don’t believe in big, un-welcoming spaces. Our small studio approach is what makes us truly unique. Every client matters. At Grow you will receive 100% of your trainers attention and enjoy complete privacy at all times. You'll never have to wait for equipment or have your session interrupted, your private training space provides you with full access to every piece of equipment you need at anytime during your session. As well as a beautifully-equipped fitness studio, we provide towels, toiletries and anything else you may need to freshen up after your session - we have everything covered.


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