Personal Training

Want to grow further?

Book a 1-on-1 session with one of our amazing PTs for a workout completely tailored to your specific goals and needs

60 minutes of expert care

Receive expert attention from highly passionate and devoted trainers. Expect to push your body through a challenging workout totally tailored to your own fitness goals alongside detailed focus on form

Private access to our boutique studio

A hidden gem in central London, Grow is the perfect setting for a training session 100% focused on you. As well as a beautifully-equipped fitness studio, we provide towels, toiletries and anything else you may need to freshen up after your session

Tailored nutritional advice

Nutrition is key to achieving your fitness goals and goes hand-in-hand with your workouts. Our expert PTs will work with you to optimise your nutrition, driving real progress and helping you become a healthier, fitter version of you


Ready to Grow further?

Initial Consultation

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Pay As You Grow

Each PT session lasts 60 minutes with a grow instructor. Prices from:

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Monthly Bundles

Combine our signature classes with blocks of PT sessions. Prices from:

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