Meet the instructor: Ben

Author: Grow Team
Date: 11/05/2018
Category: Grow

What made you want to be a PT?

I love spending time with people and wanted to do something I’ve always had an interest in, where I would be able to motivate and educate people to help them make changes to be healthier, fitter, more productive and most importantly happier.

Have you always been sporty?

Yes, I grew up playing all kinds of sports, from as soon as I started walking. But I’ve always been very much a jack of all trades and a master of none! I just enjoyed being part of a team and running around. I was never hugely competitive and didn’t mind losing – I just wanted to enjoy it. Which is probably why I was never great at any of them!

What’s the most helpful piece of advice you could give someone?

To change takes time. Set yourself realistic goals. Instagram and Facebook are full of posts showing people dropping weight easily, as though once you make the choice to lose weight, it’s all smooth sailing. The truth is, it’s not and it’s never the same for everyone. Crash diets or extreme diets aren’t sustainable. Eat healthily, have treats when you need them, exercise, take the stairs, walk more, drink more water, think positively and feel yourself change. Seeing yourself change is only a small part of the process. Your end goal should always be health and happiness.

How do you keep motivated to stay in shape/be healthy?

I’m surrounded by others who are healthy and work out regularly. It’s also part of my job – if I’m going to make people suffer through some gruelling workouts, then I should really suffer through them myself, to learn from them and keep improving them. Also, I love food, especially chocolate – and there’s no way I’m cutting it out… So, I just know I have to work a little harder each day to burn it off.


Favourite exercise?

A little game of touch rugby in the sun, or a tough training session with the other Grow instructors, either Saturday or Wednesday mornings.

Favourite sport?

Rugby. But I do watch a lot of football.

Do you have any personal targets to hit for an event?

Not specifically. I’d like to be able to do a decent overhead squat by the end of the year. And possibly run the Ealing Half marathon… If I get myself organised and sign up on time!

Most common mistakes you see in the gym?

People trying to lift weights that are too heavy when the fundamental technique is wrong, or trying to get through their reps as fast as possible, just using momentum and not really engaging the muscle they are trying to work on.

If you could be the best at any sport in the world which would it be?

Having the Crossfit title of Fittest Man in the World is pretty incredible – to be so good at a wide range of activities. or tennis, just rock up and win Wimbledon for a few years travel the world a bit play outdoors in Australia/USA would be alright and would fill the coffers nicely.

Favourite meal whilst being healthy?

Scrambled eggs, avocado and tomato on a thin raison and cinnamon bagel.

Favourite meal without being healthy?

A big ol’ pizza with garlic butter for the crusts and something chocolate for after!

Do you have any weaknesses?

Cookies. Anything with chocolate. Chocolate, cake, cookies, doughnuts, pizza, pasta, bread… Wait, what was the question?  

If money didn’t matter what would be your dream job?

Actor, or possibly a politician. It would be nice to make some changes and have some influence.

What animal are you most like?

A puppy. Any puppy really… Not a small one like a Chihuahua, more of a Lab, as I have the same never-ending appetite.

Cats or dogs?


How would you create peace in the middle East?

I’d simply play Tim Minchin’s song where he also tried to create peace over and over again from every speaker I could find, until they hated it so much they just agreed to be friends to put an end to the constant boredom of the same catchy song.

If you could live anywhere… Where would you live and why?

A penthouse flat in central London overlooking the Thames, maybe somewhere around Waterloo. I could walk anywhere, and I already speak the language – ideal. New York near Central Park and Bondi in Australia would be close seconds, but there are too many bloody big spiders in Oz and the US president is unstable at best.

If you met a genie and were granted one wish… What would it be?

To have a little black Schnoodle pup that could telepathically communicate with me.

What would you have as a superpower?

The ability to talk to animals or to teleport.

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