Meet Ollie

Achieve your best by replacing your excuses with solutions

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Meet Ollie

Achieve your best by replacing your excuses with solutions

“Achieve your best by replacing your excuses with solutions”

About Ollie

Ollie holds a BSc in Strength and Conditioning Science and is a Level 3 Personal Trainer. During his 7 years in the fitness industry, he has worked with a wide array of clients, ranging from general population to NCAA Division 1 American Football athletes.

Ollie believes that strength is the engine that drives other fitness qualities such as healthy joints, good posture and a healthy metabolism. “Everyone should be strong through the fundamental movement patterns and we all have different, individualised ways of getting there. Although we all use the same patterns, we are all anatomically different and require a tailored approach to training”.

An avid follower of MMA and NFL, he also enjoys researching new fitness trends & studies and is consistently reading up on the latest research regarding anatomy and physiology. “There will never be a day where I will feel like I know ‘enough’ as there are no absolutes in training”. His own training is based around martial arts and lifting weights.

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