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Our signature workout is designed daily by our team of experts and is programmed in a way that enables you to come to Grow everyday. We use a range of equipment, including rowing machines, dumbbells, cable machines, resistance bands and suspension trainers. Beyond building fitness, we also focus on improving your strength, core stability and posture, by coaching you to achieve the best form. No workout is ever the same, keeping your body guessing and providing the right environment for constant progress. With only 12 spots per class, you’re guaranteed an unrivalled level of care and attention, making each class like a small group PT session. Benefit from both the infectious energy of a fitness class and the care and individual attention of Personal Training. Our trainers are here to teach you each and every exercise with precision and any level of fitness is welcome! We always go the extra mile to ensure that new clients are nurtured and taught correctly. We want your experience to be a great one. Always.

  • Transform your body compositionTransform your body composition
  • Expert guidance on form and techniqueExpert guidance on form and technique
  • Flexible pricing optionsFlexible pricing options
  • Rated Rated "best class in London"
  • Fun, efficient workouts that change every dayFun, efficient workouts that change every day
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Our signature workout

Full body workout

Although the format changes every day, you can expect your whole body to be worked in a Grow session. Our trainers are by your side and can modify the workout for individual needs All group training sessions are led by qualified Personal Trainers with the expertise to guide you on perfect form and technique. With only 12 spots per class, you're guaranteed an unrivalled level of care and attention, making each class more like a small group PT session.

Effective and efficient

In 45 minutes, you can expect to burn anywhere between 400 and 700 calories. The combination of cardio and weight training means you get the most efficient workout in 45 minutes, burning fat and working towards a lean, toned body. We help you to train hard, but also train smart.

Constant progression

The daily variation in programming helps to prevent fitness plateaus. Not only that, our trainers get to know you, your goals and what you're capable of, so they're always there to guide you when it's time to push harder. Workouts are designed them so that you can attend everyday. Each day will have a specific point of focus, ensuring no workout is ever the same that optimum recovery from prior workouts is achieved.

What our customers say

"An easy 5* for Grow! I’ve been going to Grow for months now and I think it’s one of the best boutique gyms out there. The staff are really welcoming and so knowledgeable, as the classes are small the instructors are able to pay close attention to each person and they really help you improve on your technique. My favourite thing about Grow is the variety, no class is ever the same, so you’re never bored of the exercises or classes. Highly recommend Grow for all abilities but note, it is a tough work out!"

-Grow Customer

“I’ve never really been into gyms and training - but Grow has totally changed my mind. The trainers are really knowledgeable and friendly, the facilities are great and the studio is really sociable. I love that the classes are accessible for everyone - there’s no sense of competition, they just push you to do the best you can, and you really see progress after going for a while. It’s also amazing value when you compare it to similar studios. Literally can’t recommend it enough"

-Grow Customer

"I really love this studio. In fact I can’t recommend it enough. The classes are small, so you get lots of personal attention from the Instructors and they really help you focus, not only on technique, but also on your own personal fitness goals. The staff are fab & the classes work (as in, REALLY work)."

-Grow Customer

"One of the best workouts in London!!! I have tried different gym and clubs and Grow Fitness is the best by far. You will never get bored as all workouts are different... Always ready to challenge you with new endurance or weight routine”

-Grow Customer

Why choose Grow?

Workouts that change every day

Ben, our Head of Group Training, programs a new workout every single day. Not only does this prevent boredom, but it also means that your body is constantly challenged, to avoid you hitting a fitness "plateau" and ensure that you keep seeing progress.

Focus on form and technique

Ever been to a class and thought to yourself, "Am I doing this right?!". In our classes, you won't ever be in any doubt. Our priority is helping you nail your form and technique 100%. Why? For starters, you'll avoid injuries that can be caused by poorly-executed movements. And what's more, you'll be able to target the correct muscles, working them properly and ultimately seeing better results.

Friendly and welcoming fitness community

Gyms can be intimidating - we've all been there. Here at Grow, we don’t believe in big, unwelcoming spaces. Our small studio approach is what makes us truly unique. Everybody matters and we pride ourselves on the relationships that we build with our clients, creating a friendly, supportive environment where collaboration yields the best results. Grow is where progress is made.


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