5 mini exercises for a busy person working in an office

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Date: 25/03/2019
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How to stay active at the office

Stuck at work? Here are five quick and easy you can do at your desk

Ever been super busy at work and then suddenly realised that you’ve barely moved for hours, hunched over your keyboard? With lots of us working 9-5 in the office, this happens all too often! But sitting in the same position for many hours comes at a price. There are many negative side-effects to the sedentary lifestyle we’ve adopted in recent years, such as chronic back pain, headaches and weight gain. There are however, small but effective little exercises you can do to keep your body moving and help to avoid negative impacts on your body’s posture and overall health. Here are a office-friendly few ideas for you!


OK, this one might seem obvious, but it really does make a difference. If you catch yourself just staring at your screen and not being particularly productive, try standing for a minute or more. While standing, you can roll your hips and stretch your arms and legs. Try to do this a couple of times a day – your body will thank you for the extra movement and you’ll avoid getting too stiff.

Sitting torso twist

Want to stretch without attracting bemused looks from your colleagues? Then the sitting torso twist is perfect. Take the time to sit straight and hold a twist for at least 20 seconds on each side. You can repeat this, multiple times a day. This simple movement will enable your back to stretch and release the tension that builds up from staying in the same position for hours.

Calf raises

Calf raises are great to stop your legs getting stiff, plus they’re hard enough to feel like you’re getting in an actual mini workout. Try doing as many as you can while you wait for the kettle to boil during your tea break! Standing with your feet hip-width apart, stand up on your tip toes (as high as you can), then slowly lower back down. You should feel a burn pretty quickly.

Butt clenches

This glute workout might be the most discreet exercise one can do, and it’s literally what it says on the tin – you just clench your butt muscles. Sit up straight and repeat the movement as much as you can. Just like calf raise, set a goal for yourself and see how many you can do. Make your work at the office a little more exciting.

Ankle rotations

Improve your ankles’ flexibility and condition by rotating them both ways for at least 10 seconds on each side. This easy little exercise helps prevent ankle injuries and pain, something which we’re more susceptible to when we’re sat still for most of the day.

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